Atmosphere Landscaping Pool FeaturePool Features - one feature that can bring the entire family years of enjoyment with the possibility of adding a dramatic touch to a beautifully landscaped yard is a swimming pool. The possibilities are endless with many features to choose from including cascading water flows, pools seeming to grow out of boulders, levels, moats and the list goes on. Atmosphere Landscaping designs and blends the flow naturally into the contours of the land resulting in unquestionable beauty.



Outdoor BarbequesBuilt-in Barbecues - everyone enjoys a barbecue on the patio in the summer with friends and family. The perfect opportunity to let the king enjoy his thrown and let mom get out of the kitchen. A built-in can add character to the patio as well as provide protection for the winter months as everything stores away. The design should make everything look natural, flowing and well thought out - not an afterthought.




Metal Features - this feature can add definite character to any yard and set it apart as unique and personal. The icing on the cake...the brightest star in the sky...the apple of your eye...Atmosphere uses some of the finest artisans in the Spokane area that can do some pretty incredible things with metal giving your landscape a special look and feel.


Wood Features - wood brings a natural feel to any landscape, especially in the Pacific Northwest. A well placed gate, an arbor, a beautiful wood pergola... Rich, warm and inviting all by itself but yet the perfect compliment to most any other feature since wood is natural in the purest sense.

A well positioned wood rail, a rustic arbor, a planter name it!


Concrete StampingPavers - this has definitely become an art form that can add a dramatic touch to any walk way, a patio, a drive-way, the decking around a pool...wherever you want a rich and substantial feel that brings character to any landscape, driveway, walk way, patio...view our video



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